Authored on 06/22/2021 - 14:14
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In this year's ranking of higher education institutions of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation, Lodz University of Technology is still among the best. Among the technical universities it took 5th place, and among the academic universities it maintained its high 8th place.


According to Rector, Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik:

We invariably belong to the best universities in Poland. Looking at individual groups of criteria (there are seven in total), we ranked highest - third in terms of innovation. In comparison with last year, we moved up in internationalisation (up 4 positions) and education conditions (up 6 positions). A place in TOP 10 of Polish universities is a confirmation that Lodz University of Technology is developing well. It is also a motivation for even greater research and didactic activity, especially that this year, we were narrowly outpaced by the Gdansk University of Technology - we moved up to fifth place among technical universities. This does not mean that we have slowed down. The ranking index of TUL increased by 8.1 points in comparison to last year, in the top ten universities, this is the second highest increase. We are 1.4 and 1.7 points away from Gdansk and Wroclaw Technical Universities, which are directly ahead of us. We are determined to continue our dynamic development and to achieve excellent results in every activity we conduct. I'm convinced that we have strong arguments showing our partners, students, and university candidates that Lodz University of Technology is an institution worth getting involved with.

ranking Perspektyw 2021

The ranking is organized by the Perspektywy Educational Foundation. This year's edition was the 22nd. The ranking takes into account 27 indicators grouped into seven criteria: prestige, graduates on the labour market, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, innovation, and internationalisation.