Authored on 03/31/2021 - 14:11
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Increasing interaction and relations between the lecturer and the student, as well as increasing motivation during online learning, are the main objectives of a project which received EUR 300 000 in funding. This is the highest amount awarded in the Erasmus+ programme.

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The new project "A model for Interactive (A)Synchronous Learning in Online STEM Education e-CLOSE" will be carried out internationally. Alongside Lodz University of Technology, the coordinator, the following institutions will participate: University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken (Germany), University of Alcalá (Spain) and University of Aveiro (Portugal).

One of the most attractive challenges of the project will be to develop a virtual system of awarding micro-qualifications, which the student will be able to acquire additionally during their studies. What's more, students will be invited to take part in an experimental task - the so-called reverse mentoring, consisting in playing the role of a mentor for their teachers, in the field of modern tools and virtual communicators - explains prof. Dorota Piotrowska, Head of International Cooperation Centre – project leader.

The project, which entails significant changes to the education and student development process, will be funded by the Strategic Partnership for Digital Education in the Higher Education Sector programme.