Academic Choir of TUL

Academic Choir is one of the best amateur choirs in Poland, achieving worldwide success. It consists of students and graduates of Lodz University of Technology and other universities in the city. The common factor is the love of singing and general musicality which manifests itself not only during rehearsals and official performances but also in everyday life.

The choir's repertoire is a complete overview of choral music from all eras. At concerts you can hear well-known pieces as well as those which are difficult to find in the repertoire of other ensembles. Some of the choir's rich output has been released on several CDs.

Academic Choir of Lodz University of Technology

The Academic Choir takes part in competitions and choral festivals in Poland and abroad, participates in cultural exchange with various ensembles, which has resulted, among others, in several concert tours across Europe. Since 2014 it has been cooperating with the organisers of the concerts of the "Night of the Proms" series, which take place every year in many European cities.


Gaudeamus Igitur

We will rock you

The lamb