The "Mobile Alert" application allows employees and students to submit information about incidents that take place on TUL premises.


This means that it covers an area of about 80 acres and nearly 20,000 people. This way, the university security services will be able to respond to incidents much faster. Please note, however, that "Mobile Alert" is not an application for reporting emergency incidents, where immediate intervention of, for example, fire department or police is required.


Categories of cases:

  • damaged plants;

  • damaged benches;

  • improper parking;

  • failure of the gateway system;

  • obstructions for the disabled;

  • Icing / not removed snow;

  • failure of lighting;

  • acts of vandalism;

  • rubbish/ debris;

  • graffiti;

  • other.

How can I report an incident?

Reporting an incident is extremely simple and consists of:

  • taking a photo;

  • selecting a reporting category;

  • optionally adding a comment;

  • sending the report.

The information goes to Chancellor's Services and is anonymous. Reports of submitted cases can be tracked on the university's WIKAMP platform.

Where can I download the application?

The app is extremely easy to use, it can be installed on both iOS and Android devices and it is available on the websit.