List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Science Centre:

  • Studies on the surface etching mechanisms of Ti6A17Nb titanium alloy in fluorine-based plasma.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition For tailored bottom-top growth of MAX and MXene films.

  • Modelling and nonlinear dynamics of magneto-electro-mechanical systems.

  • Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamics of nanoelectromechanical sensor elements in the form of flexible plates and coatings in the presence of noise and temperature field.

  • Nonlinear vibrations of coupled self-excited oscillators with parametric/auto-parametric excitation and non-ideal energy sources.

  • Lateral-distortional instability of thin-walled composite profile with open cross-sections.

  • Analysis of dynamic response of isotropic, orthotropic and composite plates by applying tools used in dynamics.

  • Experimental study of failure of structures built of functonally graded material.

  • Implementation of yield line theory to the load-capacity estimation of thin-walled members under combined load.

  • Prediction and analysis of damage in compressed laminates degraded by low velocity impacts.

  • Mitigation of vibrations by tuned mass damper with inerter and non-linear damper.

  • Multifrequency quasi-periodic solutions in coupled oscillator systems.

  • Solitary states for coupled oscillators.

  • Sample based approach for simultaneous estimation of different stability measures for multistable dynamical systems.

  • Chimera and chimera-like states in networks of coupled oscillators with moving support.

List of projects implemented under the programs of the National Centre for Research and Development

  • Equipment for high performance and precise heat treatment with a quenching deformation reduction system for direct application in downstream production chains of mechanical gearing and bearings.

  • Graphene based composite materials for water purification.

  • Design and manufacturing of customized medical implants.

  • Deposition of rhenium-based decorative and protective coatings.

  • New functional MATerials for 3D printing in UROlogy needs.

  • DIAMSEC - ultra-sensitive sensor platform for rapid detection of epidemiological and pandemic threats.

  • Prediction of Endovascular Treatment Results by Individualized Numerical Analysis.

  • Antibacterial Coatings Containing Carbon Nanoparticles Obtained by Sol-Gel Method.

  • Hybrid systems for solar energy conversion (project carried out jointly with the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, the Institute of Materials Engineering and the company FLEXIPOWER GROUP SP. Z O.O. SP.K.).

  • The endoscope for the small intestine diagnosis.

List of projects co-financed by the European Funds Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020:

  • Development of an innovative technology for making aluminum alloy die castings with improved quality parameters.

  • Innovative production line for manufacturing die castings with significantly reduced porosity.

  • Spatial laser scanner with software, for mobile robot navigation applications.

  • Development of a system for automatic two-plane balancing of rotating assemblies of fans, especially power fans, during their operation, with the aim of increasing their availability, reducing losses associated with forced unit stops and increasing their service life.

List of projects implemented under the "Diamond Grant" programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  • The effect of residual stresses generated during the laminate manufacturing process on the load-bearing capacity and stability of thin-walled composite structures.

  • Analysis of failure mechanisms of advanced GLARE-type composite materials.

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