Dear Student, remember to pay the insurance premium for the academic year 2020 / 2021

In order to confirm the insurance, you should appear at your faculty Dean's Office with the document confirming the conclusion of an insurance contract with INTERRISK TU SA VIG received at your e-mail address. Alternatively you can send by e-mail.

Keep the confirmation of the conclusion of the insurance contract via the EDU Plus platform received after logging in and concluding the contract to your e-mail address for possible reporting of damage in INTERRISK TU SA VIG.

The insurance in the scope of personal accident consequences and third-party liability in private life in the period from 1 October 2020 (in case of purchasing the policy until 30 September) or from the day following the day on which the premium was paid (in case of purchasing the policy after 30 September) until 30 September 2021 will operate on the basis of the following conditions. The insurance programme is based on the terms and conditions of INTERRISK TU SA VIG insurance selected in the competition of offers.

The procedure of concluding an insurance contract through the edu plus platform placed in the following links

NNW (accident insurance) and OC (third-party liability ) policy in private life

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter the Customer ID number: 43kb8

The offer includes III Insurance Options:

  1. Premium of PLN 79 - Sum insured NNW PLN 33 000 + OC PLN 10 000
  2. Premium 83 PLN - Sum insured NNW PLN 35 000 + OC 10 000 PLN
  3. Premium 86 PLN - Sum insured NNW PLN 40 000 + OC 10 000 PLN

Read the offer and purchase insurance until 31.08.2021 at the latest.

Communication on damage reporting

In order to report a damage covered by InterRisk insurance, please contact the representatives of the insurance company directly via the website, hotline or directly at the office of the InterRisk insurance company.

In case of damage to the property of the Lodz University of Technology under third party liability, please fill in the "Declaration to a damage under third-party liability in private life" available from the deaneries of your faculties.

Liquidation of damages at phone number 22 575 25 25 E-mail : or via web-site

Insurance basis:

EDU Terms & Conditions

General terms and coditions of edu plus insurance approved by the resolution no. 01/03/03/2020 of the Management Board of InterRisk TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group of 03 March 2020”

Third Party Liability Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of third party liability Insurance for individuals in private life and teachers and directors of educational institutions within the EDU Plus offer approved by the Management Board of InterRisk Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Spółka Akcyjna Vienna Insurance Group of 3 March 2020.

Detailed information on insurance for foreign students can be obtained at the Dean's Office at each faculty.