Authored on 06/07/2022 - 09:23
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The game "Bzzz! - Together in Power" won the Best Gameplay category of the Indie Showcase competition at the international Game Access Conference held at the end of May (May 27-28) in Brno (Czech Republic). The DVD Unicorns team - computer science students at the TUL Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics - competed against game projects created largely by small and medium-sized companies in the video game industry.


The project of young game developers from Lodz University of Technology aroused the interest of the jury and visitors with its quality of workmanship and excellent presentation. However, the key to victory was having fun while playing "Bzzz! - Together in Power". More than once the players came back to the students' stand with their friends to play again.

What makes the video game industry interesting is the fact that it is often the good idea that counts, and not necessarily a bigger budget. Thanks to this, even student projects like ours have a chance to compete with commercial games," says Filip Izydorczyk, a 3D graphic designer in the DVD Unicorns team.

In our team, everyone has slightly different competencies. By combining different skills, experiences and ideas, we were able to create a game that even the youngest players had a great time playing," adds Mateusz Majchrzak, responsible for designing levels. - The university is not only a place to learn, but also to meet creative people and to carry out projects together, which can be the beginning of a professional career - he concludes.

This is another award for the DVD Unicorns team. Their previous projects won, among others, at the national competition for the Team Creation of Computer Games. -

It might seem that unicorns do not exist, but the DVD Unicorns team proves that not only do they exist, but they also win international competitions – says Jarosław Andrzejczak, PhD, assistant professor at the TUL Institute of Information Technology.

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