Authored on 07/09/2024 - 08:20
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A team of students from Lodz University of Technology has achieved spectacular success, winning the finals of the International Small Wind Turbine Contest (ISWTC) 2024. Their innovative wind turbine won first place in the Sustainability category, further proof of the high quality and innovation of Polish student projects.


The International Small Wind Turbine Competition was held at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and turbine testing was conducted at Delft University of Technology. Students from Lodz University of Technology defeated teams from Canada, Denmark, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands.

The GUST (Generative Urban Small Turbine) project was launched in October 2015 by members of the Research Club of Energy Engineers (SKNE) at the Institute of Turbomachinery of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TUL. The project involves an interdisciplinary team of students from several faculties: Mechanical Engineering; Chemistry; Electrical, Electronic, Computer  and Control Engineering; Organization and Management;Process andEnvironmental Engineering; and the International Faculty of Engineering.
The GUST team's latest design stands out for its reduced carbon footprint, the use of local materials and the use of a flax fiber-based bio-composite.

The international expert jury especially recognized the students for the in-depth life cycle analysis (LCA) they conducted.

The GUST team continues its tradition of improving its design, proving that hard work brings tangible results. This year they unveiled a completely new design, featuring a new generator and an innovative variable pitch system. The GUST turbine has proven its efficiency and reliability in winds exceeding speeds as high as 12 m/s.

Students are already thinking of solutions for the next edition of the competition, which will be held next year.
"We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners who saw the potential of our work by supporting the project. This is our joint success, and we count on your support in the future!" - emphasize the winners from Lodz University of Technology.